International Healthcare System Profiles

Comparing the Canadian healthcare system to others – whether they be country-wide or regional delivery organizations – can help us discover ways in which Canada’s system might evolve to strengthen the delivery of publicly funded care. We collect together our latest work in this area here and welcome your commentary and feedback.

Comparing Health Systems: Lessons for Ontario

Ontario has not recently undertaken a comprehensive plan for improving health services. After reviewing systems around the world, we offer suggestions for change and some important ideas for staying the course.

Deutschland: Where Insurance Reigns Supreme

Provider self-governance with a low rules environment may be responsible for over-utilization in the German health system. Is this a warning for implementation of Ontario Health Teams?

A Canterbury Tale: Integrated Care, the Kiwi Way

New Zealand’s Canterbury health system has been suggested as a model for Ontario Health Teams. However, on reflection Canterbury may more closely resemble a LHIN.

Kaiser Permanente: A model of integrated care for Ontario Health Teams?

As the Warriors and Raptors battle for NBA supremacy, we take a closer look at Kaiser Permanente, official health care sponsor of the Warriors and purported gold standard for integrated care.

Send her victorious, Happy and glorious, Long to reign over us: The NHS

The National Health Service is a source of pride for most Britons. The Commonwealth Fund tells us it is the best healthcare system in the world, superior to ours. Here’s a closer look.

LaMal: Excellent universal care at an expensive cost

21% of Swiss citizens and 10% of Canadians avoid medically necessary care for economic reasons, suggesting that progressive taxation is the most equitable method to fund health care.

Swedish health care: An expensive publicly funded model

Many Canadians suggest we should look to Sweden for lessons in health care delivery. However, paying the same as Swedes do for health services would increase Ontario’s deficit by more than $40 billion.

Does hybrid health care improve public health services? Lessons learned from Australia.

Australia’s hybrid system offers a cautionary tale for Canada. The Australian two-tier, private pay model has not improved access to publicly funded health services.

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