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The Current with Matt Galloway: Fixing long-term care after the devastation of the pandemic

Coming of Age: Meeting the needs of our ageing population

‘Vaccination passports’ offer fourth wave security net for non-essential businesses

Privately owned long-term care is not associated with increased mortality

Lobbyists guarantee that for-profit cataracts will pay more

Privatizing eye surgery deeply short sighted move that will harm care in Ontario

Clearing the COVID-19 backlog isn’t enough – we need to build a better health care system

Ending private long-term care would be an expensive mistake

Questions over spending at long-term care homes that have received government pandemic assistance

Joel Dryden: Provinces should adopt surveillance testing to battle COVID-19, long-term care home review say

Pandemic report identifies failures across Canada in long-term care homes

Interview on Rosemary Barton Live: Long-term care operators dealing with another COVID-19 outbreak

Understanding Ontario’s long-term care tragedy

A COVID-19 vaccine would only be the beginning of the end of the pandemic

How to improve Ontario’s COVID-19 testing and screening policies

Ontario Loud podcast: Capacity in Ontario’s Health System during COVID-19 and beyond

Preparing for the post-pandemic Ontario

During this crisis, cancer patients and cancer researchers must not be forgotten

Cancer care in the time of COVID-19

Why is Ontario behind on COVID-19 testing?

Adopting a U.S. plan for easing hallway medicine

Intended Consequences: Episode 4 – Dr. Bob Bell, Former Ontario Deputy Minister of Health

The big endorsement, Part 4: Steven Del Duca

The cautionary tale of Cambie and Australian health care

Publishing physician billings can help sustain OHIP

The elimination of regional leadership in Ontario’s health system

Increased oversight of OHIP is overdue

Ontario Health Team application reveals complexities in running new system

We aren’t properly preparing for long-term care demand

A contingency plan for preventing certain January emergency room gridlock

Back to the future for home care in Ontario

Is home care at risk with the creation of Ontario Health Teams?

Alberta copying health system Ontario is discarding

Are Ontario Health Teams designed for failure?

Cutting low value health care is high value to Ontario

The simple math of hallway medicine

Ontario health quality will suffer under the Peoples Health Act

A threat to the quality of cancer care in Ontario

Corner store booze is bad for our health and our budget

Is Ontario open for health care business?

‘Open for Business’ without strong public health is risky business

OHIP billings need to be transparent

Future of Ontario medicare depends on scrutiny of medical testing

Competition between public and private care will not cure hallway medicine

Ontario health reform strategy ‘vindictive’ and a failure at effective change management

Debating Ontario’s Health-Care Overhaul

Will the future of Ontario surgery be private or public?

A cautionary tale for new Ontario Health board

Ontario health teams are useful incremental change

Re-centralizing? Re-disorganizing? What exactly is Ontario doing to its health-care system?

CBC Listen: Ontario Morning – Wednesday February 27, 2019 – Part 2

Is it too late to reconsider Ontario’s new health care super agency?

What does and doesn’t make sense about Ontario’s big changes to healthcare: expert

Ontario Loud, Bonus Episode: Approaches to healthcare that wouldn’t suck

Are private home-care companies about to become more profitable?

Ontario Loud, Episode 15: What a healthcare super agency means for you!

Health care ‘super agency’ wrong solution for Ontario’s four big problems

Newly-obtained cabinet orders show health overhaul well underway

Former deputy health minister Bob Bell on potential changes to health care

If Ontario scraps its LHINs, what’s next for health care?

In defense of the LHIN

A Doctor who knows how government works talks health care policy

Ontario should not negotiate separately with medical specialists

Don’t harm Cancer Care Ontario while restructuring health agencies

Busting the myth of bloated health care bureaucracy

Former deputy health minister retires

Ten Torontonians who got things done in 2014

Faces of Health Care

How a football injury led (eventually) to health care’s top job

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