A Video Message from the Author

A Video Message from the Author

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Featured Video: Debating Ontario's Health Care Overhaul

The Ontario government recently unveiled some major changes to the way health care will be delivered in the province. The Agenda welcomes Dr. Bob Bell and Michael Decter, two former Ontario deputy ministers of health, to provide historical context to the overhaul, as well as their opinions on its viability.

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Bob has worked in Ontario health care for more than 40 years as a GP, cancer surgeon, hospital CEO and deputy minister of health.

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A place where the future of our system is discussed, ideas for change are proposed and commentary is offered.

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Book Bob for conferences and events. All speaking profits will be donated to a charity in support of cancer research, patient care and education.

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“Bob Bell is a great surgeon and a Renaissance man. Only an insider could tell this story of deception and intrigue in the health industry.”

Dr. Ginger Holt
Professor of Orthopedics, Vanderbilt University