Public Speaking

Book Bob for conferences and events. All speaking profits will be donated to a charity in support of cancer research, patient care and education.

Bob is one of the most highly sought-after speakers in Canadian health care. His broad perspective across the most important segments of the health industry – from surgery, research, hospital administration, to government – provides valuable insight on the changes our system needs in flexibility and innovation in policy and management so that we can continue to transform Canadian health care delivery. For booking inquiries please contact Bob at:

The following are examples of presentations that Bob is accustomed to providing.

  1. Canada’s Health System Today. Sustaining it for the Future. Canadians love to both brag and complain about our health system. How good is it today in terms of both patient outcomes and customer service? What risks are expected that threaten the sustainability of our system? What opportunities do we need to pursue to ensure that our publicly funded system will be able to serve future generations?

  2. One Doctor’s Story. Canadian Healthcare in 1975. What can we expect in 2030? Working in an Emergency Department in small town Ontario in 1975, the way we treated patients was dramatically different from today’s therapies. Undoubtedly, change will only accelerate in how best practices evolve. What can we expect in the next ten years? 

  3. The Missing Ingredient in Healthcare Planning. Canadian healthcare delivery is traditionally paternalistic, telling patients what they need to do. However, we are entering a new era of data generation and analysis that can provide Canadians with opportunity to better manage their own treatment. Health professionals in future could serve as coaches to help patients achieve better health. What needs to be done to enhance this opportunity for engagement and self-management?

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