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One year on and three steps backwards: Covid-19 and the NHS revisited (part 2)

The prime minister’s aspiration is to emulate Winston Churchill. To date he is more likely to be remembered as a clone of Neville Chamberlain, the ultimate appeaser.

One year on and three steps backwards: Covid-19 and the NHS revisited (part 1)

Last year, as Covid-19 took hold, it became clear why, as a country, our poor performance in managing the pandemic was to be anticipated.

The National Hockey League should not play in Canada during the pandemic

Canadians are in this together.
Canadian National Hockey League teams should be in it with us.

From Crisis to Opportunity: Is the Pandemic the Catalyst to a Reshaping of Health and Care services in England?

We owe it to the NHS staff and patients, who have suffered the tragic consequences of the virus, to exploit the opportunity the crisis has presented.

Integrating Ontario’s Healthcare System: A Point of View

Investments in integrated care at an OHT level, leveraged across small population sizes, may be a dilution of resources towards an ineffective outcome, and at best a duplication of effort.

Setting Your Spidey Sense Level

Every family doc knows that your spidey sense level can determine whether you upset patients with unnecessary testing and referrals or risk missing a rare condition with potentially profound consequences.

Dr. Bob Bell isn’t apologizing for medicare

He spoke with us about his eight-part investigation of different international health systems, his motivations, and the comments from doctors.

Unrecognized Physician Pay Inequities in Canadian Medicine

While the feminization of the physician workforce has been well documented and discussed, another shift has also taken place which has not been very well recognized in the typical analysis of physician profiles.

Vaccination: A shared Responsibility

Our laws require adults to wear helmets while riding a motorcycle. How on earth is it that we do not protect our most vulnerable from completely preventable infectious diseases? Mandatory vaccination must be a priority.

Male FPs out-earn women FPs annually by over 30%: Ontario data

As the proportion of women in medicine continues to rise, the pressure to examine, understand and potentially address the pay gap will also rise rapidly, writes Dr. Boris Kralj.

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